Real estate - Legal services

The acquisition of real estate in Switzerland by expats is regulated by several laws. All expats of non-EU/-EFTA nationality who want to buy real estate in Switzerland have to face restrictions, unless they have a Swiss settlement permit (permit C). Restrictions also apply to Swiss legal entities that are controlled by foreign persons. Expats of EU/EFTA nationality holding a Swiss residency or settlement permit (permit B or C) are not affected by these restrictions.

The canton where the real estate is located will be responsible to authorise the acquisition process. In Basel-Stadt the competent authority is the presidial department.

Building a house can be a cumbersome experience and often ends in litigation. We offer counsel for all issues concerning construction, from building licences, filing objections, work labor contracts, to construction defects and warranties. We take special care in reaching a fair solution, should there be a conflict of interests with respective neighbours, knowing that understanding is key to keeping good relations.

As the laws are not always easy to understand and many regulations may differ by canton, good advice from a competent lawyer can save you a lot of time and stress. We are here to assist you no matter what issues you may face or questions you may have with regard to real estate in Switzerland.