As an employee, it is essential to know your rights. Swiss Employment Law is liberal in comparison to other countries’ employment legislations. However, there is a complex framework of federal and local employment and labor laws that governs contracts, wages and working hours, discrimination, terminations, lay-offs, privacy and social welfare. 

Our lawyers can help you understanding peculiarities of Swiss Law: for example in certain industries such as the construction sector and pharmaceutical industry, where employment relationships are governed by collective employment agreements negotiated by trade unions and industry associations. Mandatory provisions are included in the terms of these agreements which are binding by Federal Law for all employers in the applicable sector.

Another peculiarity of Swiss Employment Law is that a clear distinction is made between abusive and untimely notices of termination. In the first case, you can receive an indemnity of up to six months’ salary; in the latter case, the notice of termination will be made void by law.

If you would like to know how to challenge a notice of termination, or have any other questions regarding Swiss Employment Law, you can contact us in our office in Basel, we are here to support you.